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Affiliate Program - Earn on Selling Royalty Free Music & Audio

Affiliate Program for Your Success! Keeping it simple
We keep the affiliate program rules simple so that it benefits all of our members.

Refer new users to LuckStock and you'll receive up to 30% of their EVERY purchase!

So if they purchase a $100 royalty free music or audio you get $30 every time they do it and not limited to only first sale!

Commission Rates Become an Author and Earn Money!
Start selling your music, sounds and sound effects online now and earn up to 80% from EVERY sale!

You'll earn commissions from EVERY purchase of any music or audio by the referred user. Commission rates you earn:

  1. 30% from paid amount if the user purchases Your item (first and each subsequent purchase of your music, sound or sound effect).
  2. 30% from paid amount of the first purchase by the referred user of any music or audio on the marketplace.
  3. 5% from paid amount of the second and EVERY following purchases by the referred user of any music or audio on the marketplace.

How it works?

New users have to simply follow the link with your referral code that is automatically assigned to you and proceed to sign up.

From this moment, once the user purchases an item on LuckStock Marketplace, you'll receive your commissions that could be withdrawn as described in Withdrawal Section.

Few important things to know about:

- Browser cookies are used to track guests who have followed your link, so they need to be using cookie-enabled browsers to let us track them.
- Clearing of browser cookies blocks us from user tracking.
- First who refers a user wins. First referral link has advantage.
- If a guest follows your link, they have 90 days to proceed to sign up before the cookie expires.
- Though our affiliate program is the most loyal program ever, if referred guest signs up, they should make a purchase in time period shown below as terms of affiliate program is a subject to change with time.
- Referred users that signed up and earned money could be found in your Sales & Earnings Graph.
- Find out about withdrawing rules in Withdrawal Section.

Rules to follow & Limitations

The commission rates are valid till 20 June 2021.
Marketplace administration is authorized to change the rules and limitations of affiliate program anytime on its own decision with prior email notification of marketplace members.

Your Referral Code Please Sign in to see final referral code, or manually replace {username} with your username.

If in doubt or not sure how to correctly set up a referral code on your site, ask for help at our friendly Community Forum.

To refer users and be able to earn commissions, use any of provided links below and replace {username} with your username.
Put the link in your BLOG, web-site, Youtube video, forum signature, etc.

To refer users to your portfolio:

To refer users to your profile page:

To refer users to your item page:
Check your item's page for complete link, or if you know what you're doing, add ref={username} to URL's query string.

To simply refer users to your main page:


To refer users from your web-site, BLOG or other resource you can use any of our official banners provided in the archive:

Download Banners Archive Download Banners (zip-archive)
Alternatively, you can provide a simple text link as following:

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