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Suspending submissions from 1 April, 2019

Please be advised, that we're temporarily suspending submissions of new audio from new and some existing Authors from 1 April 2019 until further notice. Apologies for the cause.

Quality RequirementsQuality Oriented Marketplace
LuckStock is very concerned about high quality, therefore every submitted item is moderated and supposed to be highest possible quality.

Audio File should be cleanly recorded and professionally prepared, in the highest quality possible. The music/audio file should have an aesthetic value and should be useful for media purposes. All of the submitted files are reviewed by our team before appearing on the marketplace. The review procedure takes a maximum of 12 days (usually within a week).

Due to the large amount of submissions to the library, all new accounts are allowed to submit up to 3 (three) music/audio files and wait for the review process to pass successfully before submitting more files. This is a one-time procedure that will be easy to pass for most of the authors and will help us to maintain the highest quality across the LuckStock marketplace.

Technical Requirements

Sound effects can be 1 second and more, music file should be under 8 minutes in length.

File Size
File should be no larger than 100MB.Upload only original file. Preview file will be automatically generated.

File Format
All files should be high-quality WAV files (16 Bit, 44.1 kHz).

Please check your files before uploading to make sure they are high-quality and broadcast-ready. After uploading, your item is inspected and checked by our review team to ensure that it is suitable for the marketplace. Item might not be approved if quality is not suitable, if similar item is already in the library, if production values are poor.

Bulk Uploads

If you have a large number of items in your portfolio and want to upload them in a bunch, check Bulk Upload instructions, Bulk Uploading is simple!


When you sell an item on LuckStock you are granting a buyer a license to use the item. There are two types of licenses: Standard License and Wide License. For more info about the licenses and the rights which you grant the buyer please check out this page: Licensing Guide.


The cost of each item is decided by our team during the review by complexity, duration and quality. You can suggest the price during the upload (by adding note for reviewer) but it's not guaranteed that the audio file will be sold at your suggested price.

Payment Rate

The current payment rate for non-exclusive authors is the fairest: 50%.


You can request a withdrawal of earnings from your account once you have $50.
As we moved to US jurisdiction, we require all our contributors to submit a copy of Passport/ID-card and W-9/W-8BEN form before we accept a withdrawal request. It's a one-time procedure.
You can choose to get paid via:
a) PayPal
b) Skrill/MoneyBookers
c) Payoneer Card.

Withdrawals requested during the current month are completed by the 15-th of the following month (i.e. if you request the withdrawal in September, you will receive your funds on October 15-th).

Performance rights organizations (PROs)

You are allowed to upload your original work that is registered with the PRO, although as long as we are a Royalty-free music marketplace, we don't oblige our clients to fill cue sheets, but if a TV company licenses a track on a "Wide License" from our marketplace with the purpose of broadcasting, it is their responsibility to fill in a cue sheet with the relevant public performance organisation for their particular country.

Youtube Fingerprinting / Content ID

Due to numerous complaints from our clients we decided not to work with music that is distributed in libraries who have a Fingerprinting program for monetization via ads on YouTube videos. Please note that this rule doesn't apply to authors who are signed with AdRev or similar service to protect their copyright. This applies only in cases where the other library puts author's music in the Youtube Content ID program on their own.

Libraries that are known to work with YouTube Fingerprinting are: Rumblefish, CDBaby Sync Licensing Program, The Orchard, Magnatune. The rule also applies to any other library who places your music into the YouTube Content ID system.

Legal Requirements

You must be the copyright-owner for any audio you make available for licensing. Audio files must be entirely the work of the person submitting the file.

Legal Issues
As an author you have the responsibility to only sell things that belong to you. By selling an item, you are making an agreement not only with LuckStock but with anyone who buys your item that you own full copyright to that item, and have appropriately licensed any content that it makes use of.
Transactions are between you and the purchaser. If you are doing something wrong (e.g. breaching copyright), you are responsible and liable. LuckStock has the right to remove the item or permanently ban the author if there are multiple instances of copyright issues.Are you ready to upload your Music or Audio?Click here to submit your items ForumHave questions?
Get answer on our Community Forum.

For detailed information please contact support.

Legal Agreement

Your use of, and access to LuckStock Marketplace indicates your acceptance of the general Terms and Conditions as well as the Agreement between Contributor and which you should download and accept:
Agreement between Contributor and (revision: 04 November 2016)

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