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Disputing Copyright Claim with Youtube/ContentID third-party match

In order to prevent fraud and piracy, YouTube has employed a Content ID system which attempts to identify and raise a claim on rights on as much music as possible, including some royalty-free music. When YouTube notifies you that they identified the music in your video, you can file a dispute. Matched Third Party Content?
This Guide is to help you to dispute the claim.

This Guide is intended to help you to dispute the copyright issue/third party match on background music used in a Youtube video if you recently uploaded a video with a music in background and see the following notice in Video Manager under Uploads or Copyright Notice tabs:
"Matched Third Party Content"

If you don't respond to the copyright notice or acknowledge the claim as rightful, you won't be able to monetize your video.

The Guide assumes that you've purchased royalty-free music on and have downloaded the license certificate from Your Downloads Area.

To dispute the claim, visit Video Manager or Copyright Notices tabs on Youtube and click on the message "Matched Third Party Content" of your video:

Image N1

On the next page with comprehensive description in case of third-party match you should click on the "Dispute" button to appeal the claim as shown on image N2 (remember to do it only in case you purchased/downloaded a license on

Image N2


On the next step you should select the option "I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material":

Image N3

And confirm it on the next screen by checking the check box "I am sure I have the license or written permission, and I want to dispute this claim":

Image N4

The next screen is the most important to fill out correctly, as every dispute on Youtube is reviewed manually. Fill in the "Reason for dispute" with the text similar to:
"I've purchased a license for this music on the Royalty-free Music Marketplace -
License certificate code: _______"

It's better to provide the link to the music track you purchased a license for in brief explanation form.

Then check the check box under the brief explanation form field, type your full name as stated on the license certificate you downloaded from LuckStock in the field "Type your full name to serve as your electronic signature" and click "Continue":

Image N5

On the next screen review the provided information and if all the information is correct, confirm the dispute by clicking on "Submit Dispute" button.

Image N6

The copyright notice under your video will be changed to "Disputed third party matched content":

Image N7

Dispute reviewing process can take up to 24-96 hours to process, be patient and check your video time to time. Once the dispute is approved, the notice will disappear and you'll be able to monetize your video. Ask a question on the Forum
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