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How to link items into versions?

Linking new item as a version of existing one

Linking items into versions is a simple process.
All that should be considered is a titling convention: Items that are going to be linked into versions should have similar titles (e.g. “Joyful Moments”, “Joyful Moments (Looped version)”, “Joyful Moments (60 seconds version)”, “Joyful Moments (Only strings version),” etc.).


Follow the following instructions:

1. First of all you need to submit the first file to our library from the upload form (for example, with a title “Joyful”).

2. Once you submit the first item, to add a version of it, there is no need to wait for it to be approved by our reviewing team.
Start submitting the version of it by typing the title in the same manner: “Joyful”.
Once you type this title (or a portion of it) you’ll be automatically prompted by the system to link the new item as a version of existing:

3. Select the right item from the dropdown list to link the new item with it. Once you confirm the linking, don't forget to change the title of the new item to reflect the version you’re submitting:

4. Complete the form and upload the WAV-file of the audio as you generally do while uploading and submitting. That's all!


Linking existing items into versions

1. Edit the item one by one from your portfolio if it's approved and online, or from uploads page if it's still pending:

2. Then, click on "This item is a version of existing item":

3. Click on the title of the item from the drop-down list to confirm linking to the existing item. Don’t forget the titling convention, if the systems says, there are no possible versions, than probably the title of existing item differs too much.

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