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Why was my item rejected?

LuckStock strives to have music and audio items of the highest quality possible. Items are evaluated and assessed during the approval process by quality standards, which are set at the discretion of the Review Team.


One of the challenging realities we often encounter on LuckStock is that many new and aspiring authors anticipate the commercial music industry to operate as a school environment. For reasons of the inexperience in this industry, they feel entitled to be taught and specifically explained why their work can’t be accepted.


Understandably, many beginner authors do not immediately recognize that music libraries and business organizations like LuckStock exist firstly to provide a service platform, to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers and to license music and audio material created by professionals. Not to teach people how to improve their skills.


To effectively serve their purpose of keeping our queues efficient, our reviewers cannot respond as item critiquing agents or commercial viability tutors. That is not their job. When processing many thousands of submissions, It’s just not realistic to expect our reviewers to spend additional time to elaborate custom critiques and feedback, even in significantly condensed form, where several aspects of a submission are deemed insufficient for acceptance.


Some general guidelines to consider are that the item must:

  1. 1) Be useful to buyers.
  2. 2) Not include any potentially offensive content (eg. violent, sexual or otherwise offensive content).
  3. 3) Not infringe on any copyright.
  4. 4) Not be compressed to the point where the aesthetic quality suffers.
  5. 5) Be well constructed musically.
  6. 6) Be commercially viable.

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